A Note from the Author


Lon Bentkower

Hello and welcome. I have been part of the software development community for several decades. My focused interest is helping the community improve software development processes and techniques. This is the reason that I created this SDLC workshop.

My hands-on experience includes:

  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Technical Writer
  • QA Manager
  • Data Architect
  • Agile & Waterfall

About the Workshop

This workshop addresses the issues confronting software development projects. They include: schedule-overruns, scope creep, incomplete requirement definitions, insufficient testing, lax configuration management practices, poor traceability practices, and risky change control procedures.

You will learn how to get to the successful project-end faster and safer. The workshop is the product of my multi-decade career in software development. It is the result of real-world experience and a sincere desire to help improve software development techniques and practices.

The name of the workshop is “Quick to Market – Quick to Profit”.


The workshop consists of 24 short, easily digestible video lessons. Click the buttons below to get an introduction to the lesson content. It is best to view them in numerical order.


When the video has completed, click the left pointing arrow (the “back” arrow) in the upper left corner to return to this screen.


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Take Your Software Development to the Next Level

Learn how to develop your software product quicker and safer!

  • Avoid project threatening practices
  • Improve requirement gathering, requirement validation, and requirement management skills
  • Provide what the business really needs
  • Design thoughtful test plans and scripts
  • Create user documentation that can be used by the testers to verify the code and the user guide itself
  • Deliver the right solutions in the right time-frame
  • Lay the groundwork for future product extensibility and enhancement

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