About FranDesQ

FranDesQ® consists of a suite of eight application modules covering a wide range of capabilities. Depending upon where a franchise is in its life cycle, and its approach/style of doing business, some modules may be more important than others

To be Successful You Must be Able to

Monitor business health

Deploy changes

Maintain transparency across various entities

Generate new business effectively

Compete with companies not just in your vertical domain but also with other franchisors attempting to sign up new franchisees

Current Challenges

Challenges as You Grow

Here is Our Unmatched Offer

We have assembled a set of modules expressly for you, the emerging franchisor – and we want to give you a subscription for modules suitable to you.

No cost until you reach five franchisee units

This is not just a trial version. You get 7 x 24 access to the modules We are doing this because we believe that as you grow, AppDesQ will continue to be your key partner for scaling your business. We will offer subscriptions to even more advanced modules when you are ready

7 x 24 support via phone and email.

Free online training for your FranDesQ® modules